Yesterday I had a HUGE moment of self realisation in my craft. For whatever reason it happened and I’m so very grateful for it. I’ll admit I was on the boundaries of my comfort zone yet I was creating photographs … Continue reading

Lost In The Shadows Of Her Mind

Lost In The Shadows Of Her Mind by bang*
Lost In The Shadows Of Her Mind, a photo by bang* on Flickr.

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Meg Lindow MUA & Hair –
VAMP Nail Art –
LauRen @ Maverick –

Bowens 500 via “Big Betty” beauty dish and grid. Approx 1 foot from subject pretty much straight in front.

My Eyes Were Fooled but My Heart Saw Through Your Lies

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Meg Lindow MUA & Hair
VAMP Nail Art
LauRen @ Maverick

Just in case you thought I may have run off, here we are back with just a subtle colour one.
This kind of image really speaks volumes about why it’s important for working fashion, beauty and commercial photographers to shoot tests. These are unpaid shoots where all those involved give up time in the hope of creating something new and different for portfolio use.
Take this image for example, the idea and concept I’d brought was a kind of black glitter beauty look. I’d spoken to Meg the MUA and we’d nailed down our inspiration images and ideas of how we planned to create it. From the start I had B&W images in my head yet the freedom of my own creative brief means that after a little post production I create this (alongside the pre-envisaged shots).

Bowens 500 via “Big Betty” beauty dish and grid. Approx 1 foot from subject camera left.

Behind the Scenes | Educate & Elevate

So it’s been a long while since I’ve posted some behind the scenes video. Well for the E&E shoot we had a full on video crew filming for a little behind the scenes peek. I have to say the gang at Spotwork really pulled together one cool bit of BTS action.
So for those needing something to occupy 5 minutes or so click play and prepare to bob your head to the beat.

Triptychs | Blind Swine #5

Triptychs | Blind Swine #5, originally uploaded by bang*.

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See the rest of the series here –

Fifth of an initial six triptychs shot for The Blind Swine, the soon to be sleaziest (in a good way) place to hang your hat whilst indulging in the finest of eating and drinking pleasure in York.


So other than the above words it’s been a little quiet from me of late, it’s been a busy old time plus I’m on one of those half year review timeouts from it all. You know the ones, I lock myself up inside my own head and have a million conversations with myself. I usually head out on the bike alone into the country lanes just for some time away, no distractions, just me, myself and my thoughts. It’s been a strange old rollercoaster of a year so far, huge ups and some pretty major downs. I’ve had to bail on a couple of really great ideas simply due to my lack of time and then at other times I’ve been scratching around for inspiration with all the time in the world. I’ve dropped some balls along the way but also pulled off some pretty grand last minute jobs. Time to set out the plan for the next 6 months, figure out where my path is right now and quit getting distracted from my main aims for 2012.

Anyway back to the photography, another from the Blind Swine tomorrow and i’ve been particularly mean in holding back this one until last as it’s of the guy who actually got me in on this shoot. Ha! sucker. Honestly though it’s worth waiting for if you’ve ever wondered what the untold secret of top flight chefs is . . . . . . . .

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai

Triptych Series – Betty Banzai, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple of firsts for the series. First female triptych and first one shot on film.
Betty B one of the leading lights of Hulls very own Roller Derby team, HARD, or Hull’s Angels Roller Dames.

Leica CL, 40mm cron. Kodak TMax (I was all out of TriX, don’t hate me for it).

If things line up (they already pretty much have) I’m set to add a good few more of these triptychs very soon. I’ve been warned that they will be of a “rather interesting and diverse” set of individuals. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what my good friend has signed me up too.

Coast in the Park

Coast in the Park, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple from the latest shoot.

Plus a little insight from Suzze the stylist –

Model – Carmina Suzanne PlusmodelUK

Stylist – Suzze @

Clothing – Coast

Coast in the Park

Coast in the Park

Stepping into the darkness

Stepping into the darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

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“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”
― Edward Teller

Keeping the personal work going back on the streets with the X100.
That’s right I’ve returned to the Fuji X100, pretty much a year on from first taking delivery of the little beast I’ve gone and got another. New firmware has really transformed aspects of the camera and I’m pretty happy to be using one again. I’ll pop a few thoughts together in the upcoming days to give you an insight into why I’ve gone back to this camera, for now let’s just say I’m smitten all over again.

Beauty Shots

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Model – Charlotte Farrey (Industry People)
MUA’s – Lisa Murray, Meg Lindow & Lucy Hill

Shot @ Cassie Lomas Academy, Manchester.

Just in case you thought I’d gone all quiet on the fashion / beauty work front. Far from it my friends.

CLA Beauty Shots - Studio Portfolio

CLA Beauty Shots - Studio Portfolio

One of the reasons I still shoot film alongside my digital.

Fashion Editorial, originally uploaded by bang*.

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Sometimes the world stops to take a breath. This is where you will find me waiting.
Visual lyrics forming a poem for my eyes.

Model : Sarah Hurrell
MUA / Hair : Vicki Suddaby –
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)

Kodak Tri X 400
Leica CL
40mm Summicron

Oh the reason? I kinda guessed that was obvious.