More Personal Frames From A Week

I actually make photographs everyday, it’s what allows me to be me, it’s my way of understanding not only myself but also the world around me. It’s my escape whilst also being my connection. It’s not all art, not all beautiful, hell most isn’t even interesting but these are moments, scenes and fragments I see that fire something inside my brain telling me it’s worth a photograph. Maybe I won’t use it today, maybe not even next month but perhaps in the larger scheme of things each image I take is a sketch from which I can learn.
Plus these little excursions into life sometimes come as a handy escape from retouching images & doing the accounts, along with a number of the other less “rock n roll” aspects of business as a fashion photographer.
So enjoy these, or don’t, I honestly don’t care too much. These are my moments and this is my blog, my place where I can put whatever pictures up on the walls that I like.

Frames of existence


Time for a little aside, back to some personal work that used to be the norm around here. Time to take a breath or two and just let the world be seen a different way, a visual essay of a day of peace and solitude (with maybe a slight dream-like overtone).

ImageEducation from the street, life lessons served upon the bricks and mortar of our city.

ImageThe world old battle of light Vs dark, the subversive intrigue of the darkness and the signs that lure us in.


I see the way now, just a little further and the light can be found, everything seemed so clear then.


I start to feel the walls closing in around me, the nature of my organic self struggling to break free.ImageAs I stop for coffee all of a sudden the world takes on a twisted reality. . . . .

ImageMy vision begins to blur, I wonder what new trickery is a foot.

ImageDaylight and Darkness combine to confuse my senses further, perhaps I’m in a dream but I see no way out.



See it’s not all good looking people and fabulous clothing on my blog, every now and then I break out a more personal piece of photographic creativity. After all that’s the whole point of it all, creating stuff, just plain old having an idea and creating something. No agenda, no wanting payment, just creating and sharing, such is the beauty of the internet the ease with which it can be done.

Fuji X100 wandering the streets of York. Treated to my own little VSCO Film cooking.

Two sides to every . . . . .

Two sides to every . . . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

A two parter for today. I was going to leave it as two posts but figured it’s easier together.
So which side are you? Things looking up, or looking down? Do you see the obstacles in the way but a glimer of hope at the end, or do you just see things to negotiate along the path before getting to a blank wall?
I quite liked the little story / juxtaposition of the two images here so it’s a good job I had the iphone handy to shoot it, the best camera and all that.

For those who it isn’t obvious to this was shot on Hipstamatic, for those who it is here’s the combo;
Kaimal Mark II
BlacKeys B&W
Laser Lemon

I’m digging that it left a warm tone to the image.

It’s typical that I’ve been looking for a two image story for the last month or so without really getting anything I was happy with. As soon as I gave up looking I blunder into this at 5:30am 90miles from home. Ah well, it’s the journey not the destination, or something like that.

Today I’ll leave you with a very simple quote which goes along the lines of creation being the life blood of creativity –
“If I just set about my work when I’m inspired, I wouldn’t get much work done.” Chuck Close.
So just lighten up, get out there and start shooting. So what if it all seems to suck, everybody sucked at some point (as Mr Arias said so accurately) hell most of us still do on occasion. You gotta take the rough with the smooth. Right I’m going to stop now before I write down any more cliched phrases. After all it’s a game of two halves . . . . . . . . . . . . (that may only mean something to the British audience of my blog, not sure it’s used else where).