Everyone has Wedding Fever

Everyone has Wedding Fever, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 112 / 365

A couple of quick blog posts for today to get back up to date with the 365.

It may have somehow passed you by but there’s a Wedding going on next weekend. Some kids called William & Kate apparently, must be important as we get a day off and everything to have street parties and BBQs.
Here’s my combined 365 / reflection / Royal Wedding shot in early celebration.

Not totally happy with todays shot but it’s Friday, it’s a holiday & I have some catching up on Portal 2 before Evansville wakes up (he knows who he is).

Oly PEN / 20mm

Looking back . . . . (still)

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Elle @ Pierce & Fionda Show - Mark Ivkovic, bang photo, York Photographer

Still spending the time in between wrapping gifts sifting through my work from the last twelve months.

This one stands out a little as I was really happy with the body of work I captured at this show. It was a pretty dark room and even though I was granted extra access and roaming rights (it’s all down to who you know) I was having to shoot at 85mm minimum without flash. This meant cranking the iso up quite a bit (not really what you want for a fashion show where details are important), luckily the big canon coped very well and help me produce some beautiful images.

The client was very pleased with the final set of images and that my friends is the aim of the game.

So until next time, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,