Dangerous Eyes | Yazi

Dangerous Eyes | Yazi, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A couple of peeks from todays shoot with the lovely Yazi Van Bathory – www.facebook.com/pages/Yazi-van-Bathory/319660338086365

With some fun accessories thanks to Alternative Dollie Art – www.facebook.com/AlternativeDollieArt

This is the third time Yazi and I have shot together and again another enjoyably relaxed time. Honestly it’s more like a walk around York with a good friend interspersed with the odd photograph than a full on photoshoot. Happy times, and only two mild interuptions this time but sadly no old man audibly melting in his car at seeing Miss Y.

Dangerous Eyes | Yazi

Triptych | Yazi Van Bathory

Triptych | Yazi Van Bathory, originally uploaded by bang*.

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See the rest of the series here – www.flickr.com/photos/bangphoto/sets/72157626960169758/

Bonus Triptych for the Jubilee weekend (If you’re not from the UK then that may not mean a great deal to you).
Rude Britannia, God Save The Queen and all that.

Just a little something from another little shoot with Yazi. Always a pleasure and never (NEVER) a dull moment. We got tourist-ed (ie. other randoms taking photos), Yaz got some new fans, we got hassled by a gang of mean looking geese and to finish it all off a good old photobombing by a small child.

Yazi Second Set

Yazi, originally uploaded by bang*.

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I don’t usually make a habit of blogging over the weekend but seeing as I’m prepping for a rather busy one tomorrow I figured I’d put a little post together.
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A few more as promised from the portfolio shoot with Yazi.

Model : Yazi van Bathory
MUA / Hair : Yazi
Cleaver : Models own . . . . .
Photographer : Mark Ivkovic (That would be me again)