Dozing in the summer breeze

Dozing in the summer breeze, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 209 / 365

It’s a window again.
The instant film wasn’t delivered on time to carry on with polaroid week so that’s on hold.
Instead you get a lazy summers afternoon shot, well that’s the look anyway. The reality was slightly different.

A little catch up with what’s been happening.

Environmental, originally uploaded by bang*.

I figured it’s been a while since I posted any real work up here. So here’s a little visual catch up of what’s been going on in the world of bang Photography lately.


Environmental Portrait




Bike on Film

Bike on Film, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 208 / 365

Busting out of the digitalism a little. I’ve been thinking of doing a polaroid week and perhaps this will be the beginning of it.
Yes it’s a real life polaroid print (well Impossible PX 600 SS print). Big huge massive props to the Impossible Project boys & girls for getting this stuff in to the world.
I forgot to cover this one from daylight as it ejected from the camera, hence the odd ghosting in parts.

Polaroid one600 : PX 600 SS

On the road

On the road, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 207 / 365

One from the road last night. Finally able to get a few more miles in on the bike this week, twas bit chilly though to say it’s late July.

iPhone – Camera+ with a little fake pinhole action (which made me want to try and shoot a pinhole camera from my bike).

A Colourful Welcome

A Colourful Welcome, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 206 / 365

It’s amazing what sights there are to be found when wandering just outside the city walls.
Pink, pink and green.

Fuji X100

Again the Fuji X100 reminds me of how well it renders colour. I’m not sure how but Fuji have nailed it in this respect.