Entering the Darkness

Entering the Darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 272 / 365

I seem to be properly addicted to shadows playing with light and lines at the moment. This is pretty much the same spot I shot a previous 365 and one I will probably return to again at some point as it’s such a great location when the light is just so.

Canon 5D mkii, ef 35mm f2

On the note of B&W, the urge has finally beaten me down and I’ve got three rolls of Tri-X to shoot and enough chemicals to develop them myself (as if I’m not busy enough at the moment eh). I predict this adventure may provide a humorous blog post if nothing else.

Early Autumn, Early Morning

Early Autumn, Early Morning, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 267 / 365

As I awoke this morning the light is saw beginning to form outside was far too good to ignore. After a rather quick cup of coffee I loaded the bag and headed out. This particular shot I’ve attempted to create a few times before over my years in York. Today the light finally seemed to give me just about what I’ve had in my head for so long.
I also shot a little pano action here too this morning so I’ll have a play with that later in AutopanoPro.

Good light dosen’t guarantee good photographs but it sure does aid the process.


Club Yashica

Club Yashica, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 265 / 365
(That would be less than 100 days to go then)

Yes it’s another new addition to the collection, I know I said I was through with 35mm when it comes to film but the fact is it’s a darn sight cheaper to shoot than medium format.
So what’s the story behind this one? Well I’ve been shooting with the Lordomat rangefinder for a while now and it’s lack of built in meter is a bit of a drag a times. So I’ve been on the look out for a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder with meter to solve my needs. I’ve been trying to find a good deal for an Olympus 35SP or Canon ql17 but it seems that people really want them at the moment and are willing to pay some slightly daft pricces to get ones which are “sold as seen” or as I like to read “this camera probably won’t work”. Then as if by magic I found this little gem for a rather bargain price. Sure I’ve stepped down from an f1.7 lens to f2.8 but to be honest most of these old rangefinders have rather limited max shutter speeds so f1.7 in full sun is tricky without getting ND filters involved.

Test roll has gone through the camera already and all seems tickity boo. I might stick a fresh roll of Kodak Ektar in for the weekend (if it’s bright)

The mighty PEN 20mm ultimate combo, which is smaller than the Yashica.

Oh yeah, check out that light!

Half Frame

Half Frame, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 263 / 365

More bold colours for this week, plus a bit of a bike thrown in too.
I’ve always wondered what was around this corner and today I thought I’d have a little looksie.

Yet again its the PEN 20mm

Cab and a Cash Machine

Cab and a Cash Machine, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 263 / 365

Wow what a rubbish day for light. I’d planned on getting out early with a roll of film loaded to utilise my free morning today. Overcast and drizzle was the weather so I scratched wasting a roll of 35mm and grabbed my go to camera for oodles of fun in any conditions (PEN 20mm).
I got a few intersting shots before the crowds hit the city for the day, the 35mm film camera came out for a little bit but nothing doing really.
I did discover a funky little new place for all things vinyl, paper backed and hip, plus some good coffee & conversation to boot.