Entering the Darkness

Entering the Darkness, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 272 / 365

I seem to be properly addicted to shadows playing with light and lines at the moment. This is pretty much the same spot I shot a previous 365 and one I will probably return to again at some point as it’s such a great location when the light is just so.

Canon 5D mkii, ef 35mm f2

On the note of B&W, the urge has finally beaten me down and I’ve got three rolls of Tri-X to shoot and enough chemicals to develop them myself (as if I’m not busy enough at the moment eh). I predict this adventure may provide a humorous blog post if nothing else.

Window Light

Window Light, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 271 / 365

Lovely soft window light revealing form and texture.
This one really is playing to my make your whites white & blacks black mantra for black & white production.

Canon 5D/50mm

Early Autumn, Early Morning

Early Autumn, Early Morning, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 267 / 365

As I awoke this morning the light is saw beginning to form outside was far too good to ignore. After a rather quick cup of coffee I loaded the bag and headed out. This particular shot I’ve attempted to create a few times before over my years in York. Today the light finally seemed to give me just about what I’ve had in my head for so long.
I also shot a little pano action here too this morning so I’ll have a play with that later in AutopanoPro.

Good light dosen’t guarantee good photographs but it sure does aid the process.


Pigeon Street

Pigeon Street, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 266 / 365

There’s normally a bike locked up down here which I keep trying to get a decent photograph of. Today however this little chap decided to strut his best pigeony pose for a little silhouette.

A camera and a lens. 🙂